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Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager is a popular football management simulation game developed and published by Nordeus. The game is available on various platforms, including web browsers, iOS, and Android devices. It allows players to take on the role of a football (soccer) manager, where they are responsible for building and managing their own virtual football team.

Key Features

Team Management: Players can create and customize their own football team, including choosing the team name, designing the logo, and selecting the team colors.Ryzen Controller Free Download

Tactics and Formations: Managers can set up tactics, formations, and strategies for their team to use during matches. This includes choosing the starting lineup, making substitutions, and deciding on playing styles.CherryTree for Windows Free Download

Transfers: Users have the ability to buy and sell players in the transfer market. Successful management involves scouting and acquiring skilled players while managing the team’s budget.

Training: Managers can improve the skills of their players through training sessions. This involves developing specific attributes such as passing, shooting, defending, and more.

Competitions: Top Eleven offers various competitions, including league matches, cup competitions, and friendly matches. Players can compete against other real-world managers in online leagues and tournaments.Tape Label Studio Enterprise Free Download

Live Matches: Matches are simulated in real-time, and managers can make tactical changes during the game to influence the outcome. This adds an interactive element to the management experience.

Stadium Upgrades: Managers can upgrade their team’s stadium, increasing its capacity and improving facilities to generate more revenue.

Club Finances: Managing the club’s finances is crucial. This includes setting ticket prices, negotiating sponsorship deals, and managing other sources of income.

Challenges and Achievements: The game features various challenges and achievements that managers can complete to earn rewards and improve their team’s standing.

Social Interaction: Players can connect with friends, join or create in-game associations, and challenge other managers in friendly matches.

Systemm Requirements

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • In the search bar, type “Top Eleven” and press Enter.
  • Find the correct game in the search results and tap on it.
  • On the app listing page, you should find information about the required Android version and other details.
  • Tap the Install button to download and install the game.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the game and follow the on-screen instructions to log in or create an account.

How to Install it?

  1. Unlock Your Android Device.
  2. Connect to the Internet.
  3. Open Google Play Stor.
  4. Search for Top Eleven.
  5. Select Top Eleven – Be a Soccer Manager.
  6. Install the Game.
  7. Grant Permissions if prompted.
  8. Wait for Installation.
  9. Open Top Eleven.
  10. Sign In or Create an Account.
  11. Start Playing.


Top Eleven – Be a Soccer Manager offers a comprehensive and engaging football management simulation experience. Whether played on web browsers, iOS, or Android devices, the game allows users to create, customize, and manage their own virtual football team. Key features include tactical decision-making, player transfers, training sessions, and participation in various competitions.

Eleven Be a Soccer Download

Eleven Be a Soccer Free Download

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